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Home Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Home Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Prevent your lawn from getting any dry spots with Fairway Lawns’ lawn treatment in Tulsa. 

Dry patches make your lawn look bad and not well taken care of. Grass starts to dry out and create all these patches in your entire lawn when the right fertilizer is not being used, dog urine, it’s not being watered enough, and many other reasons.

Most homeowners think this happens during the summer because the sun can dry out your garden, however, it can happen during any season. Since your lawn can dry out for many reasons it’s important you have a reliable company that is able to fix any issues like these. 

Our technicians at Fairway Lawns can prevent issues like these and many others with our quality lawn treatment. Lawn Treatment in Tulsa.


What Causes of Dry Patches in Your Lawn

It can be frustrating if your lawn starts developing brown patches all over it. There are many reasons why dry patches start showing up. With our lawn care treatment, you can get rid of them in no time. 

Dog Urine 

Your pet’s urine can actually burn your lawn which leads to patches growing over it. With the right help from our technicians, you can get rid of them easily. 

Foot Traffic

Something as small as foot traffic can create dry patches in your lawn. When there’s an event or gathering that was made on your lawn it can make it weak due to all the people that were walking over it. To avoid your lawn getting weaker, our lawn treatment can help. 

Poor Soil 

The quality of soil varies in your lawn, therefore, there are parts where the soil quality is weaker and creates dry patches. 


Your lawn needs to be watered frequently. If your lawn does not get at least one inch of water per week, it’s very likely it will start to show these patches. 

Protect Your Lawn – Lawn Treatment in Tulsa

Give your lawn the care it deserves with the lawn treatment offered by Fairway Lawns to guarantee the best care for your lawn.