2020’s Top 10 Spookiest Lawns

All year, we work hard to keep scary things (weeds, lawn diseases, destructive pests) out of customers’ yards. But this time of year, it’s fun to celebrate the frightfully-fun ways people decorate their yards for Halloween. Check out this year’s top 10 list.

#10.  Definitely a Great Pumpkin yard display


#9. Apparently, a love for breakdancing is something that you take with you to the grave.


#8. This is that house that you speed-walk by.


#7. The question is are they still on their phones while serving their punishment?


#6. Alive or dead, we suggest less walking on the grass during the winter months. 


#5. Your shrub has turned into an evil mummy? Unfortunately, we don’t have a treatment for that.


#4. This time dog bones get to dig up something.


#3. Sharing ghost stories by the fire.


#2. Picked a bad year to crash on earth.


#1. What makes this one so scary is that it’s so true. 

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