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Have a Great Holiday Display Without Ruining Your Lawn

Is competing for the best holiday display in your neighborhood an annual tradition? Do you create the spookiest display on your street, and then replace it with holiday lights that would make Clark Griswold green with envy? The only downside of perfectly curating your holiday display is the damage it can inflict on your lawn. We’re here to help with a few tips to protect your lawn while putting your holiday spirit on full display. 

Tip #1: Avoid inflatables on grass 

Inflatables are the biggest grass-killing culprits. Leaving them out too long can lead to brown, dead patches where the grass was smothered and blocked from sunlight. Instead, consider placing inflatables on a mulched bed, driveway, or patio if you plan to leave them up for several weeks. 

Tip #2 Stake or hang decorations

A good rule of thumb is to choose decorations that have less impact on your lawn. Smaller things that stake into the soil are perfect, as they won’t smother the grass. Another option is to hang decorations like tinsel, wreaths, or other lightweight displays from trees.

Tip #3: Use natural decorations

Natural decorations are great ideas because they’re multi-purpose. Using pumpkins and straw bales as decoration are lovely and festive, and when they decompose they become a natural fertilizer. Be sure to remove seeds from pumpkins, though, and use straw bales instead of hay to minimize unwanted sprouts in the spring. 

Tip #4: Pre-treat your lawn

Fairway’s winter lawn services will have your lawn perfect for Holiday visitors and promote future lawn health at the same time. Before adding decorations, cool-season grasses will need both proper mowing and fertilization. Additionally, the best way to prevent bare spots or patches is by keeping winter debris like leaves and fallen limbs off your lawn.

BONUS: Our Lawn Treatment Program includes a winter pre-emergent weed control application that prevents weeds from popping up in the spring. Add a Fairway Lawns treatment to your holiday decorations to-do list. 

If your lawn has been damaged by holiday decorations (or jolly ‘ole Saint Nick himself) contact us! We provide quality lawn services. Call us today for a free estimate.