Tips For Our New Lawn Care Customers

You’re here!  Our new customers!  We love you!  Because we love you, we want you to know some things about us and your lawn that we probably didn’t have a chance to get into on the phone.  We know you’re busy – most of our customers hire us because they’re too busy to take care of their lawns themselves.  Or, maybe you signed up for our service online, and we’ve never gotten to talk to you.

Or maybe you’re not a customer yet, or you’re someone else’s customer.  Well, not only do we love you anyway, we love your lawn, too, and maybe you’ll find something here to shed some light on lawn care companies and your lawn!

Why do we love your lawn?  Because we live (literally) on our reputation, so we probably want your lawn to look even better than you do.  Our people are in this business because they love green things, and they love taking a yucky-looking lawn and turning it into a showplace.

Your applications can be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks apart. When we did your estimate, we left an approximate schedule of when your applications will occur.  But please remember that we are at the utter mercy of nature and the weather.  Two weeks of rain (or a blizzard) will tear our schedule to shreds.  Luckily, there is a fairly large window for each application, but we still have to keep your lawn on track so that the next application will be on time.

You don’t need to be home.  We’ll come out, do the work, and leave your bill on the door, along with info about what we did.  Please let us know if you have a locked gate or a dog who doesn’t like people in uniform, and we’ll call and leave you a message the day before, so you can unlock the gate or put up the dog.

Your lawn will improve after each application.  If your lawn is already in top shape, we’ll keep it that way.  If you’re just starting out and your lawn is a mess, it won’t happen in the blink of an eye, but you will see a steady improvement.  Weed control materials take 14-21 days to take effect in the spring and fall and 7-10 days in the summer.  Weed controls work more slowly in cooler temperatures.

Service calls are free for full program customers.  Since our business is intertwined with nature, we never know what’s in store for us – a platoon of armyworms, a dry-as-dust drought, a cool, drizzly fungus-growing spring…things happen!  So if you notice something weird in your lawn, or if new weeds pop up after we’ve been out, just give us a call or email us, and we’ll come back at no charge (unless, of course, it’s time for your regular application.)  In cooler weather, weed control materials may take 14-21 days to work – in warmer temperatures, 7-10 days – so please give it at least that long.  We don’t want to re-spray any sooner than that, or it could harm your lawn.  If you don’t see results after that time period, be sure to let us know. 

Rain won’t wash away the applications.  On the contrary, rain after an application just waters it in for you.  Which is fabulous, ‘cuz then you don’t have to.

Don’t mow until your application has been watered in.  Rule of thumb: wait 24 hours, water, and then you can mow.  That is the sequence, not the time frame.  If you want to wait for 4 or 5 days to see if we get rain, fine.  If you want to water it in, and you don’t get time to mow for a week, fine.

Some of your applications might be really close together.  Summer grassy weeds are a big problem, and we can’t treat them until it’s hot, otherwise the material we use won’t work.  Nutsedge,dallisgrass and other summer weeds are very difficult, and we have to hit them several times, 7-10 days apart.  Why? ‘Cuz the stuff to control them works that way – we didn’t make it, so we don’t know.  If someone comes out with something in a one-shot, we’ll be all over it!  Usually, our new customers require additional grassy weed applications the first year, until we get a handle on things.  Of course, if your lawn was in tip-top shape when you came to us, you probably won’t need them.  If this is tough on your budget, just call, and we’ll work with you.  We always allow an additional 30 days to pay when you get 2 or more applications close together.  We will NEVER do an application that you did not agree to when you started our service.

You might see a temporary browning when we spray weeds in the summer.  Summer grassy weeds are…well, they’re grass.  Unwanted grass, but grass nonetheless.  In fact, dallisgrass is the same type of grass as bermuda grass, so the material we have to use will brown the surrounding area. The temporary browning in your lawn grass will disappear after a few mowings.

Timely applications will make your lawn looks its best.   We know you have a busy schedule, and sometimes you’re out of town, and sometimes you can’t get around to mowing or picking up leaves.  But if you put us off for a month, your lawn may suffer.  And then, that bumps back the rest of your applications for the year.

Your lawn guy leaves the office very early.  If you need to call your lawn tech back, dial the office number for your branch or our 1-800-300-8565 number.  Please don’t hit redial from where he called you, because you’ll get the phone on his desk and he’s not there – he’s out in the field all day.  Our office staff is completely armed to handle your every need, and they will get a message to him or his manager pronto!

We can’t do it ourselves.  You are a huge part of your lawn’s success.  We can spray and fertilize all day long, but it won’t help much if our customers don’t mow and water.  It’s not that difficult to practice good mowing and watering habits, and we have great tips for you here on the website.

We’re a continuous service, like cable TV or a newspaper subscription.  We’ll keep taking care of your lawn until you tell us to stop.  At the end of each year, you will get a prepay letter that offers the option of pre-paying for the year and saving 4% to 8%, depending on what applications you take.  This is not a “renewal option”, just a prepay option.  If you toss the letter in the trash, we’ll still be out next year, unless you tell us otherwise.

If you refer a friend, neighbor, relative, or just a stranger off the street to us, and they take our full program, we will credit your account $50.  Do this as many times as you want, no limit.  If you’re looking at budget issues, this is a great way to get some free lawn care.  Most of our business comes from referrals. It’s pretty easy in the spring, when everyone’s looking for lawn care!

Forget to pay your bill?  That’s okay, we all do that sometimes.  We don’t charge late fees, and we’ll send you a statement. But again, our concern is keeping your lawn on track, so if you forgot, please don’t be offended if we call or send you a letter to remind you.  We offer online payments or auto-bill to your credit card for those of you who travel a lot, or just don’t have time to mess with it.

We’re always here.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 1-800-300-8565 or email us.

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