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Home Lawn Seeding Services in Columbia, SC

Lawn Seeding Services in Columbia, SC

Home Lawn Seeding Services in Columbia, SC

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Lawn Seeding in Columbia , SC

Lawn Seeding in Columbia – Get the lush, healthy, and green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Have you always dreamed of having an amazing lawn where you can host events? Or to be with your family on a warms summer day? It can all be possible with Fairway Lawns. 

Your lawn can be damaged during harsh weather and leaves patches on your lawn making it look unhealthy and ruined. If you are currently experiencing having missing spots on your lawn or it looking damaged, we can fix it for you. 

Fairway Lawns focuses on helping Columbia residents have the lawn they have seen in magazines or TV and have it on their backyard. We’re always looking for services and products that help bring our customers healthier, greener lawns. 


What Make Us Different 

Our promise to every client that decides to work with us is to support every lawn care need they have with leading products and unmatched expertise. We focus on demonstrating professionalism and integrity at all times. 

We take so much importance on having you trust us with your lawn. We feel the best way to reward this trust is to provide our customers with a level of service that produces results that exceed your expectations. 

Things To Know Before Seeding Your Lawn

It’s shocking how many homeowners don’t know what type of grass they have. If you are not aware of what type of grass you have, the first thing you have to do it inform yourself and find the right type of grass that will work for you. 

Seeding your lawn is something that cannot be done at any time of the year. The best time to seed your lawn will depend on the type of grass that is compatible with your soil and where you live. If you take the risk of seeding your lawn at unsuitable times, it will lead to weeds invading your lawn. 

To know more about the do’s and don’t of seeding, reach out to our experts at Fairway Lawns. 


Lawn Seeding in Columbia