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Home Ant Control

Ant Control

It can be frustrating to walk into your home or business and see a trail of ants.

Let us help you take back control of your home or business. Contact us today for reliable and affordable ant control!

Home Ant Control


We offer the most reliable and effective ant control in Arkansas. Our exterminators have extensive training and with our team’s expertise and specialized equipment, we can quickly identify and eliminate any sized ant colony.

Effective Ant Removal

If your home or business is suffering from an ant invasion, our exterminators can diagnose the cause of your issue and determine which ant control technique will work best for your property. When there is an infestation, time is of the essence and our experienced team can quickly develop a customized ant removal solution so we can implement it at the source as soon as possible. While applications will depend on the severity of the infestation and the size of the property, our team can typically survey the area and apply treatment in the same appointment!

We use a multitude of advanced ant treatments, including traps, bait stations, sprays, or a combination of techniques to get the results you want fast. No matter which technique we determine is the right solution for your property, safety is always our priority and our team is extremely careful when applying ant treatments.

Our exterminators can handle all types of ant control, including:

  • Fire ant treatment – It is common for a single colony to house several queens and many thousands of worker ants. These dangerous red and black ants have a large stinger and can become extremely aggressive. Several may attack at once and deliver painful bites that have been compared to being touched by fire (hence their name) as well as a sting that carries an alkaloid venom. People may even experience an allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention. 
  • Pavement ant treatment – These brown or black ants can form a large infestation very quickly. While they aren’t typically aggressive, they are known to sting or bite if confronted. They make nests inside walls and under floors and will come out to forage for any food left available to them.
  • Carpenter ant treatment – With 24 species of this particular ant, they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Winged carpenter ants are often mistaken for termites, as they chew up wood to make their nests. They can make their way inside the walls of your property and cause serious damage. They also can form a chemical that makes a bite to both humans and pets very painful.
  • Pharaoh ant treatment – These ants are known for spreading disease. They are tiny and have yellow bodies and red and black abdominal markings. They typically invade Arkansas properties in the winter to stay warm, where they can often be found nesting in walls, behind baseboards, and inside curtain rods.

Professional Ant Exterminators

Sometimes colonies are made up of millions of ants, which means treating ant infestations can be incredibly difficult and should be handled by a team of professionals. DIY ant treatments are not recommended and can end up harming people and pets on your property, especially if you are unfamiliar with the chemical ingredients. 

Hiring experienced exterminators to remove your infestation is the only way to ensure safe and effective treatment. At Command Pest Control, we guarantee great results. Through the expertise of our professionals and the service quality we deliver, we’re confident that we’ll completely rid your property of ants. We work with property owners and managers all throughout Arkansas to eradicate ants in their homes, multi-unit residential complexes, commercial businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, and much more.

Our team handles each job with care and professionalism and we appreciate you giving us the space needed to treat your property safely. Generally, people may be on the property at the time of application, and we will inform them of any safety measures that need to be followed, such as not touching treated areas until they are dry.

FAQs About Ants:

What Attracts Ants?

Ants are always in search of food and water and their exceptional sense of smell helps them find it. Ants have four to five times more odor receptors (located on their antennae) than most other insects. Once ants find a food source, they lay down an invisible trail that other ants can sense and follow to keep coming back to get more food for their colony. Ants are attracted to anything that is damp or contains standing water as well as anything that is sugary or smells sweet. While they prefer sweets, ants also eat foods with high protein content and grease such as meats and cheese.

What Causes Ants in the House?

Ants can fit in extremely small gaps at entry points like doors and windows. Seal all cracks and crevices to block entry for ants and check for leaks from time to time.

How to Prevent Ants?

Most ants only come into your home or business to look for food, which is why you may find them anywhere food is kept.

Here are some helpful ant prevention tips:

  • Clean up food and liquid spills immediately
  • Sweep up any food crumbs
  • Keep trash lids closed and regularly take trash out
  • Rinse dirty dishes
  • Clean pet food bowls
  • Tightly seal food storage containers

What Do Ants Eggs Look Like?

Ant eggs are typically white or cream-colored and oval-shaped. A queen ant can lay up to 300,000 ant eggs every day, depending on the species. Fertilized eggs develop into females, whereas unfertilized eggs develop into males.

What Does A Queen Ant Look Like?

The features of a queen ant are almost exactly the same as the other ants of her species, but for many types of ants, queens are much larger than regular worker ants. If you stumble upon an ant that appears unusually large, there’s a good chance this is the queen.

What Happens When the Queen Ant Dies?

Without the queen, the ant colony will eventually die out, as the queen ant is the one who is responsible for laying the eggs. Worker ants may last weeks or months without a queen while they gradually become disorganized. However, some ant species have multiple queens in their nests.


Let us safely eliminate ants from your property. With our advanced treatments, those unwanted colonies will be gone in no time! For the best pest control services in Arkansas, contact us today!