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Home Best Lawn Care tips for Spring in Birmingham

Best Lawn Care tips for Spring in Birmingham

Home Best Lawn Care tips for Spring in Birmingham

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Best Lawn Care Tips for Spring in Birmingham

Best Lawn Care Tips – Care for your lawn should be in the same way you care for a house. Like homes, there are different kinds of invaders, from bacteria to debris, that will ruin your grass. Take the few weeks leading up to Spring and afterward to review important lawn care tips for spring in Birmingham.

Best Lawn Care Tips

Clear Away the Winter Lawn

Spring is the period right after winter when the cold weather turns warm. Winter lawn is often frozen with the soil, grass, and plants clumped together. Prepare your new springtime yard by breaking up the soil and clearing the area of debris. Make it easier for the ground to receive sufficient amounts of air and moisture.


Water the lawn whenever it looks dry. Most people allow rain to take care of that problem naturally, but you have to know your lawn’s needs, as well. Many people set up a routine of watering their lawns every week, for two weeks, or once a month.

Soil Care

A good lawn relies on good grass to help it grow tall and strong. Care for your soil by keeping it rich and moist with compost or nutrients. Review the soil often and water it whenever it gets too dry or clumpy.


Cutting the lawn regularly is recommended for optimal growth. It prevents pests and other small animals from invading the grass and causing damage. It removes the dirt and debris that can accumulate in the area and prevents proper growth.

Everyone likes a good-looking lawn, but few people want to put in the time to make one. It takes years of maintenance to keep it fresh, and when winter comes, all of that healthy grass dies. So before Spring comes, review quality lawn care tips for spring in Birmingham. 

Contact Fairway Lawns in Birmingham for help in restoring your lawn to its healthy, attractive state.