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Home Grass Types: Which One Is Right For You?

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Grass Types: Which One Is Right For You?


If you’re a grass types novice, never fear! Fairway is here to let you know what you’re working with. It’s good to be educated on the grass types and treatments that are available to you and best for your lifestyle. There are grasses for warm seasons and cool seasons, and grasses that need lots of care and some that can grow without too much help. If you’ve recently moved or are tired of seeing brown spots, and need to know how to care for your new lawn, this is a great starter guide! We’ve bolded the ones that work best in the areas that Fairway Lawns serves.

Bahia – Deep rooted system with course texture that keeps its light green color into the colder seasons. Requires moderate watering and occasional fertilizer. Fares well in Florida.

Bent – Shallow root system needing constant care. Commonly used for golf courses due to its tolerance for foot traffic.

Bermuda – Adaptable to many different kinds of soils. Grows best in full sun but can tolerate shade, foot traffic, and cold. Requires a moderate amount of fertilizing and regular mowing.

Bluegrass – Not drought resistant but is lush when cared for and watered steadily.

Buffalo – Only for those living in extreme weather conditions. This grass is drought resistant and requires very little work.

Centipede – Grows well in shady, sandy soils, but is not cold tolerant. Not prone to weeds and requires some maintenance. Grows well in southern states.

Fescue – Thrives in cool to high temps and stays green for most of the year (can dull in extreme winter months). Known to resist diseases and tolerates high foot traffic well.

Rye – Not drought resistant, requires steady watering. A thin textured beautiful green when cared for.

St. Augustine – Can live in hot, dry weather with occasional watering. A quick growing grass perfect for the southern states.

Zoysia – A very popular grass as of late. Slow growing, but requires a lot of attention. Another solution made for southern states in dry climates.

Carpet and Paspalum grasses are included in picture for comparison.

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