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How Fairway Gives Back

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For some, the holiday season can be a time of chaos. Traffic is crazy, stores are packed, families are traveling, and your to-do list seems to be having a constant growth spurt.

For Fairway, November and December are times for us to slow down, reflect on our accomplishments over the past year, and brainstorm ways we can grow in the new year.

It’s also a time for us to help out the communities we serve. Our Little Rock branch chose an organization called Hope Rises as their Give Back project this season.

Hope Rises is a non-profit organization with a worthy mission “designed to provide incarcerated and recently released women with opportunities to achieve personal and economic empowerment and improve their health and well-being”.

They have recently taken on a renovation of an older home that will be used to house the women they help until they can become self-sufficient. Because of the age and condition of the home, a lot of property clean-up needed to happen before it was presentable and livable.

John Carr, Little Rock Branch Manager of Fairway Lawns, knew just the guys for the Give Back job. He and his technicians performed brush and debris removal, tree trimming, raking and cleaning out a chain-link fence. The work took a little over a day and a half, but the payoff was timeless.

When asked why Hope Rises was the organization he wanted to help, John answered, “It was for a good cause, and it’s the right thing to do.”

You can check out Hope Rises at this link and donate to their cause today!

How Fairway Gives Back, before
After shot - Fairway gives back
before, Fairway gives back
After, Fairway gives back
Fairway lawns team members