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Turn More Of Your Yard Green

bird feeder
bird feeder

Try these more environmentally friendly ideas to make your yard a little greener:

Solar Landscape Lights: they have come a long way in recent years. They’re now available in a wide range of styles, sizes and prices. They’re also more reliable than they used to be; high-quality lights can continue casting a friendly glow throughout the night.

Bamboo Lattice: bamboo is the ultimate ‘green’ choice because the fast-growing plant matures in about three years, decomposes at the end of its life, and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides.

Recycled Bird Feeders: thanks to growing environmental awareness, a variety of hummingbird feeders are made from recycled materials such as glass. This helps to keep your yard beautiful and naturally active while also making a healthy impact on the planet.

Solar Fountain: these fountains make being eco-friendly easy — you don’t have to worry about dealing with electricity around water, or how much the fountain is costing you to run.

Battery Tools: no more running to the gas station to fill up the gas can or navigating around a clumsy extension cord. Along with requiring less hassle, battery-powered yard tools tend to be quieter to operate; making lawn work even more peaceful.