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Home DIY Lawn Care… Is it worth it?

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DIY Lawn Care… Is it worth it?

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Thinking of saving money with DIY lawn care? You might want to reconsider. We crunched the numbers, and for most people, it doesn’t add up.

Questions to consider:

  • How big is my yard?
  • How far am I from the closest big box garden center?
  • What type of grass do I have? (Some grass is more difficult than others.)
  • Do I already own my own lawn care equipment?
  • Do I know what to buy for my lawn needs?
  • How valuable is my time?

We priced out a few lawn care necessities from a well-known brand if you decide to do it alone:


Turfbuilder + Halts (crabgrass control):                     $59.98

TurfBuilder + 2 (broadleaf weed control):                  $49.98

Turfbuilder lawn food:                                                    $39.98

Winterizer:                                                                        $44.99

Total cost:                                                                   $194.93
(covers two applications for average-sized yard)

Other considerations:

  • Requires applicator purchase (one time cost of around $60)
  • Must apply correctly and at the right time of year for optimal performance
  • Returns trips to the garden center to purchase more supplies throughout the year

Besides the cost of supplies, think about the amount of gas to and from the big box garden center. What if your hard work doesn’t produce results the first time? You will have to start all over again – more supplies and more gas money. With Fairway Lawns, we offer you a guarantee on our work. If it doesn’t work the first time, we’ll come back out and treat your lawn again with no additional charge.

At first glance, hiring a professional lawn care service may seem more expensive than handling your own lawn care. But remember to look beyond the cost of supplies. You are paying for the hours of labor, expertise and guarantee. Besides, wouldn’t you rather be out playing golf or lounging by the pool with your friends and family?

Here at Fairway Lawns, we offer free lawn care estimates. After the estimation, your first application is only $24.95. Our annual plan covers eight treatments a year because of the type of grass we have in the South – two in the spring, four in the summer, and two in the fall. Contact us and let us prove to you that our lawn care service is worth it.

Is DIY Lawncare worth it