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Home January Spotlight: Arkansas

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January Spotlight: Arkansas


January’s monthly spotlight is shining bright on the state of Arkansas. We are so honored to serve Arkansas as one of our 8 Fairway Lawns states. Get to know your lawn, and feel free to ask us any questions.


Tall fescue is the most commonly grown cool-season grass in northern Arkansas. Warm season grasses grown in Arkansas include Bermuda grass (statewide), Centipede grass (central, south), St. Augustine grass (south) and Zoysia (statewide). Arkansas’s weather patterns (extreme hot winters and frosty cold winters) often make it tough for a novice to grow green, lush grass without the help of an expert.


Most common Arkansas weeds are: Dandelions, Crabgrass, Dallisgrass, and Nutgrass


Most common Arkansas pests include: Acorn Weevil, American Dog Tick, the Longhorn Beetle, grubs, squirrels, and mice.

Fairway has locations in Conway, Ft. Smith, Little Rock, and Springdale, Arkansas, that service their respective surrounding cities. Check out all the areas of Arkansas lawns that Fairway serves and contact our branch managers with any questions on our Locations page.

White azaleas in Arkansas