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Don’t Let Spring Dead Spot Kill Your Yard

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In the South, springtime is known for one thing- the best weather of the year! With these breezy days pre-dating the sweltering heat, everyone wants to get outside and enjoy spring.

If you’re anything like some of us, you may have thrown on your sandals, grabbed your sunglasses and run out the door on the first day of spring only to be stopped in your tracks. Your once lush, green Bermuda grass is spotted with round, brown patches- the spring dead spot (SDS) disease.

SDS will re-occur each spring in the same areas, and unfortunately there are no fungicides available that can prevent this disease. Before you start envisioning a future with your kids playing soccer on a continually sad, brown yard, take a look at our tips on how to fight back. 


It’s time to start new in your lawn’s patchy, brown areas, so don’t worry about letting out some of your frustration onto the spots. Rake up as much of the dead grass as possible, eliminating SDS from spreading. 


Now that you have a blank canvas, generously apply about an inch of topsoil over the formally brown area. 


Now that the difficult area has new soil, it’s time to create new grass. Sprinkle grass seeds over the area, and gently, generously water with a garden hose a few times a week, being careful not to rinse away the seed. 

Sunshine is Your Friend

Your grass loves the sun, and lawn diseases hate it. Trim back your bushes and trees to create a win-win situation for your yard.

Like with any disease, fighting to overcome it may be a long battle, but when the issues arise, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on how to fight.