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Fairway Lawn’s 5 Reasons for Raking


If you’re not a fan of mowing, raking may be even lower on your list of fun things to do. At least a mower has an engine! But disturbing the rest of those beautifully colored leaves sleeping on your lawn is a necessity. And not just for the curb appeal! There are actually health benefits to removing the leaves from your yard.

The leaves block the sunlight that’s already pretty hard to come by in the fall/winter months. Most warm season grasses like Bermuda grass will dim and take on a tan color, but this is the season for cool season grasses like Fescue to grow, so sunlight is still essential.

With leaves covering the grass, your lawn becomes deprived of air and water. As a result, your yard is now far more susceptible to become a breeding ground for insects and fungi.

Raking has the added benefit of removing thatch buildup and harmful weeds.

After raking into piles, you can use them as mulch for all your landscaping needs.

You can also use the leaves for compost in your spring garden.

boy having fun raking fall leaves