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Home Complete Lawn Care and Treatment Services in Columbia

Complete Lawn Care and Treatment Services in Columbia

Home Complete Lawn Care and Treatment Services in Columbia

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Complete Lawn Care and Treatment Services in Columbia

Growing Greater Expectations For 40 Years

Complete Lawn Care and Treatment Columbia – Have you been looking for a company that knows how to treat your lawn and care for it? You’ve found the best of the best in Columbia.

Are you a new homeowner who’s interested in taking care of their lawn but you don’t know how? Lucky for you, Fairway Lawns offers you your first treatment for only $24.95 if your lawn is up to 8,000 square feet.

For more info, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Once we receive it, we’ll contact you to schedule a complete evaluation of your yard. Following this, our technician will provide you with a 100% accurate annual service estimate.

See our amazing services that will make your lawn look brand new – Complete Lawn Care and Treatment Columbia

We’re so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our services, we back our work with a money-back guarantee on your last application.

Lawn Treatment: At Fairway Lawns, we put the best services and products into caring for your lawn. Our exclusive lawn treatment program provides the right balance of weed control and fertilizer to help maximize the grass you have while significantly reducing your weeds. It’s a lawn care prescription that will give you a healthier, thicker and much greener yard.

The standard Fairway Lawns’ treatment program consists of 7–8 applications per year, dependent on your location, grass type, and the needs of your lawn.


Pre-Emergent Weed Control (liquid spray)

Liming in some areas (granular)

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Post-Emergent Weed Control (liquid spray)

Fertilization (granular and/or liquid applications)

Tree & Shrub Program: Fairway Lawns’ Tree & Shrub Care Program helps protect the investment you have in your landscaping and enhances the beauty of your property. Our fertilization promotes growth, enhances color, and maintains the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs, making them more resistant to disease throughout the growing season and hardier during the winter.

Our Tree and Shrub Program Includes:

January – March: early spring fertilizer application

April – October:

Insect and disease control sprays (3 or 4, dependent on your location)

November – December: Fall/early winter fertilize

Sup-R-Soil: Sup-R-Soil is a natural, liquid aeration product, unlike any other soil amendment on the market. This environmentally-friendly product loosens and aerates compacted soil, forces sodium down below the root zone, and is completely natural and biodegradable.

Removing sodium from the root zone of your grass is so important because the sodium occupies spaces in the soil that should be occupied by nutrients, like fertilizer. Once the sodium is gone, the grass can more readily absorb the nutrients, which means you get the most benefit out of your fertilizer.


  • Improves nutrient retention, maximizing the benefits of fertilizer.
  • Eliminates the need for aeration with a machine.
  • Maximizes the benefits of rainfall or your watering, even during drought.
  • Reduces soil erosion and soil compaction.

Only one application of Sup-R-Soil per year is necessary, as the effects are long-lasting.

Find more of our amazing lawn treatment services in Columbia and make your lawn a better one with our help.