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Home Flea Control

Flea Control

Having fleas in your home or business is a serious problem.

We offer the most reliable and effective flea treatment in Arkansas.Contact us today for reliable and affordable ant control!

Home Flea Control


These tiny insects prey on cats and dogs, leaving your pet uncomfortable and itchy. Fleas also feed on the blood of humans and other animals, so even if you don’t have pets you can still end up with an infestation.

Professional Flea Extermination

Our team at Fairway Lawns Pest Control has advanced training and access to specialized equipment, enabling us to efficiently eliminate fleas from your home or business. We also provide comprehensive flea treatments for yards to prevent reinfestation.

We partner with property owners and managers across Arkansas, targeting flea problems in a variety of settings including homes, multi-unit residential complexes, commercial establishments, and public spaces like hotels, restaurants, schools, and churches. Let us help you regain control of your property and secure it against future flea infestations. Reach out today for dependable and cost-effective flea pest control solutions.

Effective Indoor Flea Control

At Fairway Lawns Pest Control, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Our flea control specialists employ the highest quality products and methods, such as traps, bait stations, and sprays, to ensure the most effective treatment.

The timeline from assessment to treatment varies based on the infestation’s severity and the property’s size, but generally, our team can inspect and treat on the same day. Safety is paramount, and we take great care to ensure the well-being of both our team and our clients. We’ll provide detailed safety instructions, such as avoiding treated areas until they are dry, and typically, indoor flea treatments necessitate vacating the property for at least two hours. Our treatments include growth regulators to prevent fleas from maturing and reproducing. It’s crucial to vacuum thoroughly before and after the treatment and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately.

Why Do I Have Fleas in My House?

Fleas can enter homes on pets or via clothing and shoes. They are prolific breeders; a single flea can lay hundreds of eggs in its lifetime. Flea infestations can escalate quickly, becoming a significant problem without prompt action.

Are Flea Bites Dangerous?

Flea bites can cause intense itching and allergic reactions in humans and pets. Fleas can also transmit serious diseases such as flea-borne typhus, bubonic plague, and tapeworms, making them a considerable health risk.

Why You Need Professional Flea Control

Fleas are small and fast, making them difficult to detect and eliminate with DIY methods. Professional flea control is essential not only for thorough eradication but also for safety, as incorrect use of store-bought products can be hazardous.

Flea Prevention Tips

Maintaining cleanliness is key to preventing flea infestations. Regular vacuuming of carpets, rugs, and furniture is essential. Managing wildlife and rodents around your property reduces the risk of fleas. For pet owners, consult a veterinarian for recommended flea control products, check pets regularly, and wash their bedding and toys in hot water frequently.

Hire Us as Your Arkansas Flea Control Company

Choose Fairway Lawns Pest Control for efficient and safe flea removal from your property. With our expert treatments, you can enjoy a flea-free environment. Contact us today for top-notch pest control services in Arkansas!