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Memphis, TN

Put our experienced lawn technicians to work for you.

Weed control, fertilizer, tree and shrub care, lawn aeration, insect control…our team has it covered when it comes to keeping your yard beautiful.

Home Memphis, TN

Complete Lawn Treatment Services in Memphis, TN

Get the best yard on the block with a better treatment program.

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Our Lawn Care Experts Treat Your Entire Yard. Lawn Treatment Services in Memphis

Lawn Treatment Services in Memphis.

Fairway Lawns offers year-round weed control and fertilization services tailored to the climate. As residents of Memphis know, the weather changes seasonally and can negatively impact the appearance of their yards. For this reason, we create specialized lawn treatment services in Memphis, TN, so that homeowners can enjoy a healthy, lush lawn all year.

Additionally, Fairway Lawns provides value-added services like tree and shrub care, lawn aeration with Sup-R-Soil, and disease control. Our services protect and nourish your lawn so that it looks its best.

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About Our Memphis Lawn Treatment Services

Regardless of your yard’s size, turf, or soil type, our technicians will work with you to create a lawn treatment program catered to your needs. We may recommend the following services for your yard:

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control prevents weeds from sprouting. Weeds remove nutrients and water from the grass, leading to a less attractive lawn.
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control gets rid of existing weeds. It effectively controls current weed infestations and helps restore the lawn’s appearance.
  • Fertilization promotes the growth of healthy grasses. It provides essential nutrients for healthy growth and creates a lush, green turf. Fairway Lawns uses an eco-friendly fertilizer that maximizes your grass, working with our weed control programs to reduce unwanted growth.
  • Disease Control is required when your turfgrass has spreading and damaging diseases. Regular care with our lawn treatment services can control and prevent the spread of these nuisances.
  • Sup-R-Soil is a natural, liquid lawn aeration that improves your soil’s circulation, drainage, water penetration, and air infiltration. It reduces compaction caused by various factors and is a recommended annual practice for promoting healthy, vibrant grass.
  • Tree and Shrub Fertilization & Spraying include methods for controlling disease, insect infestations, or other pest problems while maintaining the beauty of your landscaping.
  • All cool season grass should be overseeded each fall to keep it thick and lush. We select the best type of seed for your area, mechanically aerate your shade areas, and seed those areas properly. 

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Why Choose Fairway Lawns?

At Fairway Lawns in Memphis, TN, we offer the following benefits to customers:

  • Highly-trained technicians that enhance the quality of service and achieve superior outcomes by participating in extensive lawn care training sessions.
  • Our customer-centered focus ensures that our treatment programs and specialized lawn services surpass your expectations.
  • We use the industry’s best products in our treatment programs, allowing customers a better balance of weed control and fertilizer.
  • Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction. We’re here to ensure you love the result.

Be the Envy of the Neighborhood with Our Lawn Treatment Services in Memphis, TN

At Fairway Lawns, our services help make your lawn beautiful and healthy. With eleven years of experience in the lawn care industry, local Branch Manager Bryan Murray leads our Memphis location. Our team of highly-trained technicians and customer-centric focus make Fairway Lawns your best option for lawn care and treatment services in Memphis, TN.

Our technicians happily serve the Memphis, TN, area, including the following regions: Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Southaven, Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Lakeland, and Oakland.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Treatment Program

How often should my lawn receive treatment?

It depends on your lawn’s type and condition. Our team will advise the proper regimen when we assess your yard.

How do I know whether my lawn needs treatment?

If your lawn is patchy and has weeds, it likely needs treatment. We recommend scheduling a free consultation to discuss the best lawn treatment option.

How can I tell if my lawn is healthy?

A healthy lawn is lush, vibrant, and free of weeds. If you’re uncertain about the condition of your lawn or would like an expert opinion, we can help.

Why is it important to treat my yard? Isn’t mowing and watering enough?

Not necessarily. A lawn needs fertilizers, weed killers, aeration, and disease control to keep it healthy and looking its best. Our experts can create a tailored plan that meets your needs and keeps your yard looking fantastic.

Which types of weeds are common in Memphis, TN?

Common weeds in Memphis, TN, include dandelion, chickweed, and crabgrass. Our treatments control these weeds while nourishing the grass for a lush lawn.

Is it possible to treat my lawn if it’s already damaged by disease?

Yes, it is possible. Our technicians will assess the damage and create a program to restore your lawn’s health. They will also apply products to help control and prevent further disease if needed.