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Home Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Our Mosquito Control Program is the most reliable and effective.

Our exterminators have extensive training, and with our team’s expertise and specialized equipment, we can quickly get rid of mosquitos on your property.

Home Mosquito Control


If you’ve spent time outside Arkansas, you know our mosquitoes are no joke! Unfortunately, many Arkansans have simply accepted the presence of mosquitoes as an unchangeable part of the season, burning citronella candles in vain only to retreat indoors on an otherwise perfect summer night.


Mosquitoes, known collectively as a scourge, number over 55 species in Arkansas alone. Their larvae thrive in water bodies like ponds and rice fields. More than just an annoyance, mosquitoes can expose individuals to serious health risks.

In Little Rock and Springdale, the following diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes:

  • The Zika virus
  • West Nile virus
  • Chikungunya virus
  • Dengue
  • Malaria
  • Yellow Fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Among Others

At Fairway Lawns Pest Control, our Mosquito Control Program includes 6 targeted treatments. Before your initial treatment, you will discuss the specific outdoor areas of concern with your technician. Standard treatment includes perimeter fogging around key areas like shrubbery, decks, fences, and eaves. Depending on your outdoor space’s size, additional areas might also require treatment. Should these additional areas increase your service cost, we will inform you of the new rate and seek your approval before proceeding.

Our team is experienced in identifying and eliminating both mosquito larvae and adults, as well as their breeding grounds. While completely eradicating mosquitoes is challenging, we are confident that our treatments will significantly reduce their population and enhance the comfort of your outdoor areas in Little Rock, Springdale, and beyond.

Each treatment is scheduled approximately every 30 days, with flexibility to accommodate your specific needs. The standard fee for each subsequent perimeter barrier treatment after your initial session is $75. If treatment outside the designated perimeter is needed, your technician will provide an estimate.

    Professional Mosquito Exterminators

    Safety is our foremost concern. Our mosquito treatment methods are as safe as, if not safer than, commercial products available for trees and shrubs. We handle each job with the utmost professionalism and care, and we kindly ask for your cooperation in keeping children and pets away from treated areas until they are dry, typically about an hour, depending on weather conditions.

    We serve a broad client base in Arkansas, including homes, multi-unit residential complexes, commercial businesses, and institutions. Our advanced mosquito control techniques are designed to provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring a more enjoyable outdoor environment for you and your guests.


    Which Mosquitoes Bite?

    Only female mosquitoes bite as they need blood to produce eggs. Their anatomy allows them to pierce skin and suck blood effectively, even through tight clothing.

    What Attracts Mosquitoes?

    • Mosquitoes are attracted to:
    • Dark and bold colors
    • Floral scents from personal care products
    • Body odor and sweat
    • Certain foods and drinks, like cheese and beer
    • High body temperatures and carbon dioxide output
    • Specific genetic markers and blood types, notably Type O

    How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Away?

    • Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes breed.
    • Install fine mesh screens on windows and doors.
    • Maintain your yard to reduce shade and damp spots.
    • Consider professional extermination for the best results.

      How Do Mosquitoes Survive Winter?

      • Female mosquitoes hibernate or enter diapause under cold conditions, delaying their activity until favorable conditions return.

      What Do Mosquito Eggs Look Like?

      • Mosquito eggs are tiny and may be connected in rafts that float on water or laid separately on moist soil, remaining dormant until conditions are right for hatching.


      Let Fairway Lawns Pest Control create a more comfortable outdoor environment for you by safely managing mosquito populations. Our effective barrier treatments and expert service ensure an itch-free yard throughout the season. For premier pest control services in Arkansas, contact us today!