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Home Services Tree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Care

Put our experienced lawn technicians to work in your yard.

Weed control, fertilizer, tree & shrub care, lawn aeration, insect control…our team has it covered when it comes to keeping your yard healthy.

Home Services Tree & Shrub Care

Your landscape is gonna love this program.

Our treatments enhance growth, control insects and prevent disease.

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Tree & Shrub Program

The yard professionals at Fairway Lawns treat and care for every aspect of your lawn, even your trees and shrubs! It is estimated that proper landscaping can increase your property’s value between 10 and 15 percent. That’s why our comprehensive Tree & Shrub Care Program is designed to not only enhance the beauty of your property but also help protect the investment you have in your landscape.

From fertilizers to insect control sprays, we use the highest quality products to help your lawn live up to its full potential. Having a lush, healthy yard takes time and effort but often, you have other priorities. Leave it to our team of lawn experts to do the hard work for you!

Tree & Shrub Treatment Program for Optimal Plant Health

Our program includes 5 to 9 applications, depending on your location and your specific plant material. Your lawn technician will discuss the details of your yard’s needs and will recommend the appropriate applications.

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program focuses on these aspects:


When trees and shrubs are healthy, they are naturally more resistant to disease throughout the growing season and heartier during the winter. Our goal is to achieve just that—our fertilization promotes growth, enhances color, and maintains the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs.

Insect Control

It is impossible to keep all the bugs out of your landscape, nor do we want to—some of them are beneficial to the ecosystem! But what our insect and disease sprays do is keep insect populations at a controllable level and help stop any disease before it gets out of hand.

Our Tree & Shrub Program Includes:

  • January – March: Early spring fertilizer application
  • April – October: Insect and disease control sprays (3 or 4, dependent on your location)
  • November – December: Fall/early winter fertilizer

Supplemental Applications Needed for Specific Plant Material:

January – March

Dormant oil in the early spring—controls scale insects on plants such as euonymus, hollies and azaleas. We do this application at the same time that we do the early spring fertilizer.


Post-bloom fertilizer—promotes growth and health of azaleas.

November – December

Dormant oil in the fall/early winter—controls scale insects on plants such as euonymus, hollies and azaleas. We do this application at the same time that we do the fall/early winter fertilizer.

Free Service Calls

Full program customers will receive free service calls if needed between applications. All dates are approximate and depend largely on weather conditions.

Mother Nature will intervene when she wants to and, even with our applications, plant loss could still happen—but we will do everything we can to keep your landscape healthy and looking beautiful! If you notice any problems in between your regularly scheduled applications, please let us know so that we may take action in a timely manner.

* Our program does not include treating very large mature trees (over 25 feet).

In addition to our tree and shrub program, we offer other lawn care services such as our lawn treatment program, lawn aeration with Sup-R-Soil, and special services like overseeding!