Tree and Shrub Care Programs for Home and Businesses in Birmingham

Taking care of your lawn is something that should be important for everyone that owns a house. Landscaping is important because it adds significant value to your home, directs the flow of water so you will not have future issues; well planned and implemented landscaping can provide trees for shade, shrubs to direct cooling breezes, and open areas for the accumulation of winter snow and allows for easier navigation through your yard.

Fairway Lawns’ Tree & Shrub Care Program helps protect the investment you have in your landscaping and enhances the beauty of your property. Our fertilization promotes growth, enhances color, and maintains the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs, making them more resistant to disease throughout the growing season and hardier during the winter which can become very beneficial to any home or business in Birmingham.

Try Fairway Lawns’ Tree and Shrub Program

We can’t keep all the bugs out of your landscape, nor do we want to—some of them are beneficial to the ecosystem. But our insect and disease sprays keep insect populations at a controllable level and help stop any disease before it gets out of hand. Our program includes 5 to 9 applications, dependent on your location and your specific plant material. Your lawn technician will discuss the details of your lawn needs and will recommend the appropriate applications.

Our tree and shrub program includes:

January – March

Early spring fertilizer application

April – October

Insect and disease control sprays

(3 or 4, dependent on your location)

November – December

Fall/early winter fertilizer

If you’re interested on knowing the exact number of applications for homeowners in a specific area in Birmingham, contact us and see more of the services we offer:

Such as lawn fertilization and weed programs, tree and shrub fertilization, insect and disease spraying, flea & tick control, preventative grub control, Sup-R-Soil (natural, liquid aeration) and core aeration.

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