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Home Weed Control Solutions in Birmingham, AL

Weed Control Solutions in Birmingham, AL

Home Weed Control Solutions in Birmingham, AL

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Weed Control Solutions in Birmingham , AL

Get annoying weeds out of your lawn with our help. Weed Control Solutions in Birmingham

Do weeds seem to get in your garden at any time? If you have felt as if everything you try does not work to get rid of weeds, it’s because you have not worked with Fairway Lawns. 

Fairway Lawns has been helping residents all over Birmingham since 1979. We have many years of experience, and we know how to handle annoying weeds that have gotten into your garden. 

We are an honest company, so if the condition of your lawn requires additional applications the first year, we’ll tell you upfront, the fairway.

We want what’s best for our clients, so we will work hard to get you a weedless healthy lawn. 


Get An Amazing Deal On Your First Application

We’ll make your first application when we come out to do your estimate and lawn analysis.

You see, approximately 75% of the estimates we do turn into customers. So, we save a trip, and you get your first application for just $24.95!* (covers up to 8,000 square feet — a $60 value!)

Weed Control Solutions in Birmingham

Why would you do that without getting the estimate first?

We can usually look at the records of your neighbors who are already Fairway Lawns customers and give you a ballpark range for your application price. Moreover, we’ll be happy to spend as much time as necessary on the phone with you to tell you about our program and answer any questions. 

If we go out to measure your lawn and the price exceeds the price we gave you on the phone, we will leave the estimate without treating your lawn or starting your program.  Or, if you wish, we can give you a call while we’re still on the lawn, for approval.

If you’d rather meet with us for the first application, we can give you a call beforehand and set a time to meet with you.