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Home Weed Control Solutions in Tulsa

Weed Control Solutions in Tulsa

Home Weed Control Solutions in Tulsa

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Weed Control Solutions in Tulsa

Weed Control Solutions in Tulsa – Don’t let weeds invade your lawn. 

Weeds tend to be a nuisance for most homeowners. There’s nothing more annoying than something that is trying to damage your investment and does not let your yard grow healthy. 

If you have felt as if you’ve done everything for your lawn but nothing seems to help to get rid of weeds, Fairway Lawns is your new solution. We have been working with tough weeds from many lawns since 1979. 

Having weeds is not only a bad look for lawns but it also strips your yard from getting the nutrients it needs, get rid of them now with Fairway Lawns’ weed control solutions. 


Safeguard Your Investment and Get Rid of Weeds 

Many homeowners have invested important amounts of money to get their lawn looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. However, what happens when weeds start to get in the way and interrupt the transformation? 

In Fairway Lawns, we want to keep your investment safe and help you fight off any weeds that are trying to damage your lawn. Our exclusive lawn treatment program offers the right balance of weed control and fertilizer to help maximize the grass you have while significantly reducing your weeds.

Weeds are a huge threat to your yard because they can be parasitic, which leads not only your yard but also your plants being affected and stripped of their nutrients which then leads to them dying. 

Make your lawn look healthy and strong with the help of Fairway Lawns. 

Get An Amazing Deal On Your First Application 

We’ll do your first application when we come out to do your estimate and lawn analysis.

You see, approximately 75% of the estimates we do turn into customers. So, we save a trip, and you get your first application for just $24.95!* (covers up to 8,000 square feet — a $60 value!)

To know more about this amazing deal and how to get rid of weeds, contact our experts at Fairway Lawns.