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Home Winter Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Winter Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Home Winter Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Winter Lawn Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Winter Lawn Treatment in Tulsa – Protect your lawn against the harshness of the wintertime with Fairway Lawns. 

Homeowners believe that during the wintertime, your lawn gets a “break” and it does not need to be taken care of. However, this is wrong. 

No matter what season you are in, your lawn will always need to be taken care of. The wintertime tends to be a harsh season for your lawn, therefore, you always need the help of a quality lawn care company such as Fairway Lawns. We have been working with lawns for more than 40 years, therefore, we know how to correctly take care of your lawn during the seasons.

Winter Lawn Treatment in Tulsa

Contact our professional technicians to get a free estimate for your winter lawn treatment. 


Take The Right Care of Your Lawn

Giving the care your lawn needs during the winter is key to having a healthy and green lawn for the upcoming seasons. If you are not aware of what should be done for your lawn during the winter, take a look at these services: 

Aeration and Fertilization Services 

Aeration will give your lawn the chance to breathe during the winter. It’s important you take a look when winter’s supposed to start in Tulsa and schedule an aeration appointment before the first day. 

Your lawn needs more nutrients during the winter, therefore, while we are aerating your lawn, we can also fertilize it to prepare it for the wintertime. By having a prepared lawn you will be decreasing the chances of weeds attacking your lawn or disease spreading. 

Avoid Foot Traffic 

Just like in the summertime, your lawn can be damaged during the winter if there is too much foot traffic. Since the grass grows slower during wintertime, your plants and lawn can damage easier and will fully grow until the springtime. 

Take The First Step Into A Beautiful Lawn 

Over the 40 years that Fairway Lawn has of experience, we have learned how important it is to use the right products and take the right care of a client’s lawn, especially during the wintertime.

Know more about our services and have the lawn you have always dreamed of.