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The Folklore of Fairy Rings

Fairy Ring small

Few fungi would be referred to as fascinating, but fairy rings have shown up in myths for centuries.  In fact, it’s mentioned often in European literature in the 13th century.  It’s a gateway into the elfin kingdom, a place in the forest or meadow for pixies and fairies to dance, and if you find a fairy ring – and you’re lucky – you could possibly catch an elf!  See below for what fairy rings mean in other parts of the world.

France: Believed to be sorcerer’s rings.

Germany: Hold the belief that the rings are a place for witches to dance.

Austria: Their belief is that fiery tales of flying dragons made the rings.

One of the largest fairy rings ever found is still located in France.  It’s about 2,000 feet in diameter and estimated to be 700 years old.

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