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Armyworm War

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Theoretically, you’ve done everything right. You’re meticulous with your lawn.

You mow regularly, you water often and you’ve been known to have the best front yard on the block. All is well until the day you step outside and your lush, once picture perfect, lawn has brown spots.

While there are a few things that could cause brown spots in your yard, the browning we tend to see most often in the spring and summertime is caused by armyworms, small (only about 2 ½ cm.) green-striped caterpillars that travel in large groups similar to an army troop. If these pests have already won the battle against your lawn– don’t lose hope. Let the war begin.

Look for Early Signs

Unfortunately, since these critters feed at night, you’ll likely find their effects before you find the bugs themselves. If birds seem to have increasingly become fond of your yard, or if your once envy-worth grass is suddenly looking discolored or chewed up in areas, there’s a good chance that armyworms have already turned your lawn into lunch.

Fight Back

The earlier you find your armyworm issue, the easier it is to handle. One you’ve found them, it may be time to alter your normal lawncare routine. First, follow our steps to mow your lawn correctly. This eliminates places for your armyworms to find shelter. Once that’s done, make sure you’re not giving your lawn too much of a good thing, and water the right way. This helps your grass roots plant deep into the ground and rids your lawn of the thatch that armyworms love to live in.

Keep Them Away

You’ve now done your part. You’ve fought your hardest to protect your lawn, and it’s time to call in reinforcements. That’s where we come in– our special, EPA approved pest control treatments can help rid your lawn of damage-causing pests and make your neighbors green with envy once again.