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Top 5 Landscaping Trends

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With your shorts packed away and fall’s constantly-dropping temperature as a reminder, summer’s season is gone but not forgotten. Your lawn care work though? It doesn’t have to be. Before you pack up your gardening tools and retire your rake, take a look at this year’s best landscaping trends. Get a head start now, and you’ll be stunned at the results come spring!

Rocky Terrain

Are you ready to rock? According to landscape professionals, a lot of people are! When it’s difficult to plant deep-rooted perennials next to trees, rocks and boulders offer a practical-meets-pretty way to fill the space, adding texture and style to your terrain. And with no need to repurchase each season, rocks offer a high return on investment.

Vertical Gardens

Don’t let the lack of square footage in your yard get you down– just look up! Vertical gardens have become the highlight of homeowner trends recently, and if you have a blank wall or fence, you have the potential to try it for yourself! Not only do these pockets of plants allow for more room to roam your yard, but they also create a pretty verdant view when looking out your windows.

Garden Retreats

Your living room is no longer the only place providing cozy comfort on your property. From water features to fire pits, this landscaping trend minimizes redundant space and maximizes comfort, leisure and family time. And who doesn’t want more of those things?

Edible Gardens

Ask your grandparents– fruit and vegetable gardens are no new phenomenon. But with sustainability becoming increasingly important to homeowners, the popularity of edible architecture has skyrocketed. Although this particular trend is relatively laborious, many continue to find the health and aesthetic benefits worth the work. The money saved growing your own groceries doesn’t hurt either!

Healthy Lawn

Trends come and go, but in Fairway Lawns’ nearly 40 years of business, we’ve learned that a healthy lawn is always in style. And we believe our products and services can help you with that! Contact us today for your free estimate and start loving the time in your yard even more.

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