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Home Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Put our experienced lawn technicians to work for you.

Weed control, fertilizer, tree and shrub care, lawn aeration, insect control…our team has it covered when it comes to keeping your yard beautiful.

Home Jacksonville, FL

Complete Lawn Treatment Services in Jacksonville, FL.

Get the best yard on the block with a better treatment program.

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Our Lawn Care Experts Treat Your Entire Yard.

Jacksonville is known for hot and humid summers, making lawn treatment services necessary. You can find lush green grass with the perfect combination of sunshine and rainfall, but you must also ensure your yard is always tended to. Fairway Lawns has you covered – we provide superior lawn treatment services in Jacksonville, FL.

We specialize in various lawn treatment services that cover everything from fertilization and weed control to tree and shrub care. Our fertilization and weed control program gives your lawn a boost of nutrition and protection from unwanted growth. Combining pre-emergent herbicides with post-emergent applications, our team will utilize the most effective methods for ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant year-round.

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Have the Neighborhood’s Best Yard with Our Expert Services

Our technicians utilize the best methods, tools, and equipment to keep your lawn green and lush. We’ll work to ensure your yard remains the envy of the neighborhood. Our lawn treatment services in Jacksonville, FL, include the following:

  • Fertilization and weed control: Our lawn treatment program aims to increase the amount of healthy grass you have while minimizing the number of weeds using the appropriate combination of fertilizer and weed control.
  • Sod Webworm and Chinch Bug Prevention: We offer a quick, easy solution for keeping these pests out of your yard. With just one application in the spring, we can guarantee to keep your lawn protected through their life cycle.
  • Sup-R-Soil (natural, liquid lawn aeration): Our natural liquid spray application can aerate your entire yard, improving drainage, water penetration, and air infiltration.
  • Pre-emergent weed control: Besides removing existing growth, pre-emergent weed control prevents them from appearing. When used in winter, pre emergent treatments will prevent most weeds from growing before spring arrives.
  • Post-emergent weed control: The post-emergent process involves controlling actively growing weeds already in your lawn. We’ll use the most effective products to eliminate unwelcome growth.
  • Disease control: We provide treatment plans with fungicides that effectively control lawn diseases, such as “Patch” Diseases and Leaf Spot.
  • Tree and shrub fertilization and spraying: The Tree & Shrub Care Program we offer can boost the attractiveness of your property while safeguarding the value of your landscape investment.

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Why Put Our Team to Work in Your Yard?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our lawn technicians ensure you’re delighted with the results we deliver. We evaluate your lawn’s health with each treatment and identify areas needing additional attention or services. We will communicate all information so that you’ll never wonder about the status of your lawn or its treatments.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for our lawn services. If you are ever unhappy with your lawn’s appearance, we can return and address any issues at no extra cost or refund the previous application price.

Custom Treatments

Our treatments may vary depending on your lawn’s needs. We may apply a standard treatment, while at other times, we may focus on areas that require extra attention.

We always aim to use our products and knowledge to keep your lawn healthy. When creating your treatment program, we consider your grass type, soil conditions, and other factors.

Exceptional Employees, Exceptional Service

At Fairway Lawns, we employ only the best people to provide quality lawn treatment services in Jacksonville, FL. To maintain our high standards, we require every team member to undergo extensive training, pass a comprehensive background check, and take a pre-employment drug test. We hold our team accountable to guarantee an exceptional customer experience every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Jacksonville Lawn Treatment Services

We understand that you may have questions about our lawn treatments, so we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions to help you get the answers you need.

What is Sup-R-Soil, and how does it improve my yard?

Sup-R-Soil is a natural liquid spray application that regenerates your entire yard. It will improve drainage, water penetration, and air infiltration for healthier grass growth.

Do I have to be present during treatment?

You don’t have to be present when we visit your home. We’ll arrive on time, perform the necessary treatments, and email your invoice and application notes. All you have to do is mow and water – we’ll handle the rest.

What types of weeds are common in Jacksonville, FL?

Common weeds in the Jacksonville area include crabgrass, sedges, and button weed. Our pre-emergent weed control process can prevent these from entering your lawn before they have a chance to take root.

How do I know I’m getting the best treatment for my lawn?

Our experienced technicians will assess your yard and provide customized treatments that fit your needs. We use only the highest quality products and most up-to-date techniques to ensure the healthiest, greenest lawn possible. Plus, we offer a satisfaction guarantee so you can know that your yard is in good hands.

Get a Free Estimate for Lawn Treatment Services in Jacksonville, FL

At Fairway Lawns, we strive to give our customers a beautiful yard at its full potential throughout the year. Our lawn treatment services in Jacksonville, FL, consider the area’s climate and your yard’s needs.

Additionally, Chris Harris, our local Branch Manager, ensures your lawn care and treatment services in Jacksonville, FL, exceed your expectations. If you’re seeking long-term professional lawn care and treatment, look no further than Fairway Lawns.

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