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Lawn Care MythBusters

Read on the learn what At-Home myths hold merit– and which ones are ready to be busted.
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Your Lawn’s Worst Enemies

Learn about your lawn's worst enemies and how to fight them with Fairway Lawns.
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3 Killer Lawn Care Mistakes | Fairway Lawns

Avoid these maintenance mistakes to help you enjoy a happy and healthy yard all summer long.
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Lawn Games You’ll Love

Whether you’re looking to have friendly or fierce competition, try out some of our favorite lawn games. 
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Why Care About Lawncare?

What is it about these patches of green grass that we find worthwhile? We’re glad you asked.
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Fairway’s Quick Guide to Weeds

Learn about some of the most common and undesirable weeds that we often find in our southern locations.
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A Spring Guide to Lawn Diseases

Learn about the top four lawn diseases to guard your grass against this spring.
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What’s in Our Truck?

What exactly do we keep in our big, green Fairway Lawns truck? We’re glad you asked.
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Month-to-Month Lawncare Checklist

We're so committed to you having a healthy lawn that we've created a monthly list of how to make it happen. 
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