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A Spring Guide to Lawn Diseases

Learn about the top four lawn diseases to guard your grass against this spring.
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What’s in Our Truck?

What exactly do we keep in our big, green Fairway Lawns truck? We’re glad you asked.
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Month-to-Month Lawncare Checklist

We're so committed to you having a healthy lawn that we've created a monthly list of how to make it happen. 
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Is Your Lawn Safe for Reindeer?

If the Santa Claus mistakenly lands on your recently-treated lawn this season, will his reindeer pals be safe?
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How to Winterize Your Yard

Will your lawn be ready for the cold by the time the last leaf falls? Try these steps to be sure.
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The History of Fairway Lawns

Fairway Lawns proudly hosts offices in ten different cities in the southern part of the United States.
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Don’t Fall Behind on Lawn Care

Cooler temps may have you bundling up indoors, but it’s not time to neglect your lawn.
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Armyworm War

Theoretically, you’ve done everything right. You've even been known to have the best front yard on the block.
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Water the Right Way

We like to refer to the work that we perform for our customers as “1/3 of the job.”
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