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Home The Lawn Lover’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

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The Lawn Lover’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

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If your dad stands on his lawn, arms crossed, chest puffed out ready for the neighbors to bow down to the Lawn God himself, this guide is definitely for you. If your dad considers his lawn as a source of pride, this guide is for you.

If your dad can be seen meticulously pulling weeds by hand, applauding the mower for a job-well-done, and waiting by the window for spring green grass to replace the winter brown yard, this lawn services guide was specifically written for you. So, pick and choose what works for your dad, and reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter with any questions!

An Annual Lawn Treatment Program Gift Certificate

Our favorite option comes first, of course! It’s our favorite for several reasons. It’s an exclusive treatment program that provides the right balance of weed control and fertilizer to have your lawn easily winning Best Looking and Most Lush awards on the block. It’s a program that allows Dad more time at the golf course, at the beach, or with mom. It also includes free service calls in between regularly scheduled applications should you want to meet with your lawn tech expert face-to-face for any questions or just to thank him for making your dad’s lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Visit here for more information.

Special Services Treatments

Maybe your dad does a great job of treating his own lawn and really enjoys the work, but he just cannot seem to get rid of those pesky fire ants, grubs, ticks, or mosquitoes. Fairway Lawns teams up with Command Pest Control to provide pest control in select areas of the states they serve. To see if your dad lives in an area where we provide pest control, take a look at our special services page here.

The Honda 21” Walk Behind Mower

Ok so you can’t buy one of these at Fairway Lawns, but we still recommend it for the dad who’s had the same mower since you were in diapers. We wrote what we loved about it this time last year on our blog. You can find it here.

Fairway Lawns has other ideas for Dad, too, including a Sup-R-Soil application and a Tree | Shrub program.

This year, think outside the socks and underwear box and give Dad what he really wants.