Your yard deserves special treatment and the lawn experts at Fairway Lawns are here to help you maintain a high level of lawn health. When you work with us, you’ll receive added value services that enhance your yard and take care of insects, pests, and overseeding.


Many insects can destroy your lawn and even threaten your loved ones’ health. Fewer bugs mean more beauty and safety. With our special insect control treatments, we can help rid your yard of the pests that are causing damage to your lawn or bringing discomfort to you and your family.


Mosquitoes suck. But now, getting rid of them doesn’t.

These pests carry serious illnesses dangerous to both your family and your pets. That’s why we’ve developed a treatment program that keeps your yard comfortable and safe throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. With mosquitoes gone, you can enjoy your backyard even more!

Learn more about our treatment plan or contact us today to schedule a free estimate and get your first treatment for $29.95!*

MARKET AVAILABILITY INCLUDES: Little Rock, Conway, Fort Smith, Springdale, and Tulsa areas.
*Offer valid only when agreeing to the full mosquito treatment program, which consists of 6 monthly applications.
Fairway Lawns– Special Services–Ant


Fire ants have become the number one insect problem in the south. As a pest professional, we now have a product available to us that will kill fire ants and control them for up to one full year with only one application.

This product is safe for application at areas including:

  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial lawns
  • School grounds
  • Parks
  • Sports fields
  • Landscape beds
  • Campsites
  • Golf turf

There are many variables involved in the cost of this application, such as the amount of turfgrass, the size and amount of flower beds, etc. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate upon request.

MARKET AVAILABILITY INCLUDES: Little Rock, Columbia, Conway, Ft. Smith, Memphis, Huntsville, and Birmingham areas.
Fairway Lawns– Special Services–Grub


Lawn grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, and others. They feed on grass roots and organic matter in the soil, causing sections of grass in the lawn to die. If you had problems in early summer with beetles and experienced dead patches of grass by late summer, you probably have lawn grubs.

We make keeping grubs out of your yard quick and easy! We do one application in the spring and it’s guaranteed for the entire year.



Mole crickets are serious pests in Georgia and South Carolina. Weather and soil conditions in the Southeastern Coastal Plain region are ideal for mole crickets. Mole crickets damage turf by feeding on the plant roots, stems and leaves, and by tunneling through the soil.

Treatments for this problem pest are typically performed from June 1 through July 4 for best control. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate upon request.

MARKET AVAILABILITY INCLUDES: Augusta, Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville areas.
Fairway Lawns– Special Services–Tick


Ticks have become more than a nuisance pest in recent years, with incidents of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever cropping up in the news with increasing frequency.

Our prices start as low as $60 per visit, 4 times per summer. This special includes spraying the entire back yard up to 4000 square feet including flowerbeds, or we can treat the entire lawn for an additional charge.

For more information, or to schedule your first application, please call us at 1-800-300-8565.

MARKET AVAILABILITY INCLUDES: Little Rock, Conway, Fort Smith, Springdale, Tulsa, and Birmingham areas.
Fairway Lawns–Command Pest Control

If you need pest control or termite control, please visit our Command Pest Control website currently offering services in the Little Rock and Springdale areas in Arkansas only.

Command Pest Control manages pests inside and out, residential or commercial!

Fall Overseeding

All cool season grass should be overseeded each fall to keep it thick and lush. Unlike warm season grass, fescue, rye, and bluegrass don’t spread. Seeding it each fall will ensure that your shade grass stays nice and thick.

Many areas that we service are in a transitional zone, which means that it’s too hot for these shade grass types. It will look nice in the spring, but when the heat of summer hits it, some of it will die back, which makes fall overseeding that much more important!

If you have shade grass in your lawn and don’t want to do the fall overseeding yourself, please call us for a free estimate. We usually do overseedings in mid-to-late September.

We will select the best type of seed for your area, mechanically aerate your shade areas, and seed those areas properly. The mechanical aeration helps incorporate the seed into the soil. Learn more about our aeration services here.

OVERSEEDING AVAILABILITY INCLUDES: Tulsa, Fort Smith, Springdale, Memphis, Huntsville, and Greenville areas.
Fairway Lawns–Special Services

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