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Home How Fairway Can Make Your Summer BBQs the Best on the Block

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How Fairway Can Make Your Summer BBQs the Best on the Block

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You’ve thought of everything this summer. The BBQ sauce is ready to marinate for the next couple of days in the fridge. The drinks are chilling in the cooler. The tables and chairs have been wiped down and spider webs removed.

The invites are sent out so you’re ready for the best summer BBQ on the block – maybe even the whole neighborhood. Except for one thing. Your lawn looks like a disaster zone. It’s an embarrassment. You mow every weekend, but there’s more that needs to be done to keep your lawn vibrant and healthy. But getting the education, buying the products, finding the time just isn’t an option. The last thing you need to check off the list of the perfect summer BBQ is having a lawn you can be proud of.

If you have Fairway Lawns, we can ensure your guests will be talking about your perfectly grilled chicken wings and gorgeous lawn until next summer. And we have many ways to accomplish that.

Lawn Treatment

This program includes pre-emergent weed control, post=emergent weed control, fertilization, liming (in some areas), and free service calls.

Tree/Shrub Program

This program includes early spring fertilizer application, insect and disease control sprays, and fall/early winter fertilizer. For specific plant material, dormant oil in the spring and fall and post-bloom fertilizer may be needed, as well.

Sup-R-Soil Liquid Aeration

This environmentally-friendly liquid aeration eliminates the need for aeration with a machine, maximizes the benefits of rainfall or watering, reduces soil erosion and soil compaction, and improves nutrient retention

Special Services

Other services include fire ant control, preventative grub control, and full pest control in some areas.

Whatever the issue you’re having with your lawn, we have the products and the expertise to tackle it and have your summer BBQ sizzling for all the right reasons.