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Fun Fairway Fall


Most of us are celebrating the cooler temperatures, kids back at school, the promise of pumpkin flavored everything and excitement of a well-played Hail Mary. For the others – mainly the youngins – who are still mourning the lazy, popsicle dripping summer days, there is time to convert to the love of fall with these fun Fairway lawn and backyard ideas geared towards helping you take full advantage of the outdoors right outside your door!

  1. Put away that kiddie pool that’s creating a mosquito heaven and allow some oxygen to revive that brown grass underneath! Instead, make raking leaves less of a chore, and more of a fun game.
  2. After homework is done and dinner is in the oven, take the kiddos out for a game of touch football. Your yard is the perfect place to spend time with family while the weather is cooperating!
  3. If you’re trying to decide how to landscape for fall, go for a walk/ run around the neighborhood and take mental notes of the style you’d like to implement in your yard. We’re always here to help!
  4. Explore grilling all kinds of meats and veggies before the weather turns chilly and for dessert, build a firepit for s’mores! Or carve some pumpkins and clean and roast the seeds for a midnight snack!
  5. Create a campsite in your own backyard! There’s the benefit of a bathroom and running water just a few feet away. Just remember to clean up afterwards to prevent pests and grass browning.

Did we leave any fun ideas off? Visit our Facebook page or Tweet us with how you spend fall in your backyard!

family playing football in autumn