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Home October Monthly Spotlight: Georgia

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October Monthly Spotlight: Georgia


Fairway Lawns is happy to serve 7 states in the southern part of the United States. October’s state special feature is Georgia!

Bermuda grass is the most commonly used grass for new home installations in Georgia. If you have a shadier lawn, tall fescue is the one for you. Zoysia grass is becoming more popular in the state. It takes a while to get started, but once it does, the thickness texture is beautiful.

Common Georgia lawn pests include dog ticks, cockroaches, garden spiders, bed bugs, carpenter ants, field crickets, and moths.

Common Georgia lawn weeds include annual ryegrass, carpetweed, dog fennel, orchardgrass, and yellow foxtail.

Georgia boasts some beautiful lawns and if you have any concerns or questions about your Georgia lawn, let us know! We post helpful tips and links on our Facebook and Twitter.