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Shoo Flies Don’t Bother Me

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In the field, Fairway Lawns hears a lot about lawns, and not just about how your dog is digging up your newly-planted tomato garden or how the weather is wrecking your mowing schedule. We also hear about the obstacles of not being able to spend as much time on your lawn as you’d like to. We run into this scenario below quite a bit:

A husband agrees with his wife on the house at the end of the block because it was close to the kids’ schools. (They both know she really wanted it for the large master bath). But he’s OK with it. Because of that glorious, large, lush, green backyard. As soon as he set foot in the backyard, he knew this was the house for him. Green grass as far as the eye could see, a deck for entertaining, no weeds (they must’ve used Fairway Lawns). You could easily see having friends over for a BBQ and lawn bowling. He truly loves this lawn.

There’s only one problem. The flies. They’re everywhere. There’s no way he could enjoy his lawn to the fullest and show it off to the guys with this many flies.

Thankfully, Fairway Lawns not only provides outstanding lawn care services, we also provide secrets of the trade. Like this previous blogs we did on the best lawn mower to use on your yard and lawn care and treatment in Columbia, SC

The Starbar Captivator Fly Trap is your answer to a fly-less lawn.

It’s only $5.99, can be found at your local Tractor Supply store, and gets the job done. Other benefits include:

  • Insecticide free
  • Reusable
  • Easy to use; just add water and hang

Paige from Austin, TX gives a 5 star review stating “These traps are unbelievable!! We cannot believe the amount of flies it attracted and caught within 24 hours!!”

Fairway Lawns cares more about just giving you the best-looking lawn on the block. We want you to be able to take full advantage of the dream you had when you bought that house with the great-looking backyard. Let us know what other trade secrets we can give to help you live out your lawn dreams.