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Anthracnose Disease in Your Trees

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Anthracnose disease occurs on many types of ornamental trees. This disease is most common on Ash, Maple, Oak and Sycamore.  Anthracnose is also called “Leaf Blight” or sometimes “Leaf Spot”.

This disease is more aggressive during cool, wet weather as the leaves are emerging in the spring.

Anthracnose is usually an aesthetic problem, but heavy infestations can cause leaves to drop prematurely. It can be extremely devastating on trees that are environmentally stressed or just newly planted in the landscape.

This disease is most often controlled by good cultural and sanitary practices and usually doesn’t require a fungicide treatment. Although, newly planted or environmentally stressed trees that repeatedly defoliate from this disease may require a fungicide treatment in the spring (bud break).

Once symptoms of Anthracnose are visible on the leaves, it’s usually too late for control. The best thing you can do is keep defoliated leaves picked up off the ground and maintain your landscape with a good fertilization program to keep it healthy and to help the tree fight off any further infestations.

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