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Marigolds in June


With the onset of summer, many think it is too late to grow seasonal plants. However, June is the perfect time to plant some vegetables and flowers including beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, okra, sunflowers, and impatiens.

Marigold flowers, in particular, have proven to thrive in the June heat. Their golden, orange, and amber coloring instantly brightens gardens. In addition to their brilliant color, marigolds bloom all summer long, requiring little maintenance. There are up to 50 varieties of marigolds, all of which can grow in nearly any soil. In fact, marigolds prefer to be planted in unfertilized soil, as the fertilization promotes dense foliage, rather than lush blooms. Beyond their beautiful appearance and easy upkeep, marigolds can be eaten in salads and have proven to be a valuable tool in warding off unwanted pests. So if you’re wanting to start a garden or continue an existing one, try planting marigolds in June.

marigolds in summer