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Home Lawn Fertilizing Services in Columbia, SC

Lawn Fertilizing Services in Columbia, SC

Home Lawn Fertilizing Services in Columbia, SC

There’s a better way to care for your lawn.

Lawn Fertilizing in Columbia

Lawn fertilization can create an amazing impact on the health and color of your lawn. Proper fertilization can take many benefits to your lawn and home. Fairway Lawn offers the best fertilizing services in Columbia, we guarantee amazing changes in a year.

We’re so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our services, we back our work with a money-back guarantee on your last application.

Benefits of Giving Lawn Fertilizing Services

There’s nothing better than a healthy lawn with no weeds. There are many benefits of using the lawn fertilizing services from Fairway Laws.

  • A thick, healthy lawn grows stronger so weeds cannot easily grow.
  • Lawn fertilization strengthens the root system of the lawn.
  • Reduces flooding and muddy spots.
  • Delivers a great curb appeal if you’re looking to sell your home.

Professional Service That Offers the Best Care

Getting the right care for your lawn is so important. If there’s even one mistake made, your lawn can get damaged very quickly. To help deliver better service and results for your lawn, our technicians take part in extensive lawn-care training sessions.

We don’t recommend that someone that has no experience on lawn care takes over. Professionals know and study how to give your lawn the best treatment possible. So leave it up to them.

Our exclusive lawn treatment program provides the right balance of weed control and fertilizer to help maximize the grass you have while significantly reducing your weeds.

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Fairway Lawns lawn care is a continuous service, just like a newspaper subscription, so you don’t need to “renew” every year. But if you move out, please be sure to contact us so we can stop your service.

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