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Your choice of high-quality services: ornamental shrub control, insect control, grub control, disease control, flea/tick control, aeration, pest control, and ... lawn care!

Value packages are available now, saving you hundreds of dollars from one expert, licensed provider you know and trust.

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Home Referral Program

Referral Program

We understand that trust is grown through the results we deliver.

Through local support and leading products, we do more to provide weed-free, lush green lawns.

Home Referral Program

Our Program Adds More Green to Your Wallet

Your referrals are our best source for new customers, and to thank you, Fairway Lawns offers a $25 credit to your account each time you refer someone who becomes a full-program customer.

Referral Program

Just fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-300-8565, or just have the person you’re referring to mention your name when calling us. Referral Program.

If you fill out the form below or call us, please let your friends know that we will be coming out to do an estimate and will leave it on the door if they aren’t home. If you prefer, your friends may call us for an estimate and simply give your name as the referring party.

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