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Your choice of high-quality services: ornamental shrub control, insect control, grub control, disease control, flea/tick control, aeration, pest control, and ... lawn care!

Value packages are available now, saving you hundreds of dollars from one expert, licensed provider you know and trust.

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Home Sup R Soil + Grub Control & Fire Ant Prevention

Sup R Soil + Grub Control & Fire Ant Prevention

We understand that trust is grown through the results we deliver.

Through local support and leading products, we do more to provide weed-free, lush green lawns.

Home Sup R Soil + Grub Control & Fire Ant Prevention

Being our customer has its benefits, like getting big savings on our services.

Sign up for either our Sup R Soil or Preventative Grub Control and you’ll receive 20% off the single service. Sign up for both services and we will give you 40% off each single service. Also, we’re offering our Annual Fire Ant Prevention for 10% off!

Sup-R-Soil + Grub Control + Fire Ant Prevention