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Home 2015 Fall Fairway Lawn Trends

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2015 Fall Fairway Lawn Trends


Just like clothing, accessories, interior paints, and even athletic teams, our pop culture revolves around what’s hot and happening in the moment. Twitter is the culprit of the quickest changing trend, switching out popular hashtags every 15 minutes! But in the landscaping world, the trends usually switch out annually and seasonally. Below is what’s hot for your outdoor fall Fairway lawn looks.


This is the buzz word for the homeowner with a busy or jetsetter lifestyle who doesn’t have time to water and prune every half hour. Drought-tolerant plants are the rage in regions in the US with less rainfall.


Planting fall vegetables (beets, carrots, kale, spinach) and herbs among your ornamentals provides both the beautiful and the edible. It’s economical and convenient.

edible plants
Photo Creds to Southern Living


Over-the-top is out. Understated is in. Use local, natural materials to add a fire pit or cedar posts over your arbor.

Photo Creds to


Adding large water features can be expensive and water-wasting, so we recommend an inexpensive water feature like a low water wall or self-contained system.

water fountain in yard

Outdoor Living Rooms

With newer, more comfortable weather-resistant fabrics, outdoor furniture has come a long way, as well as, the popularity and ease of installing a fire pit. Create an indoor space outside and enjoy all the square footage your home provides.

outdoor living room