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4 Ways to Use Beer in Your Yard


We’ve heard tale of beer getting out stains, enriching hair volume, and easing a stomachache. Old wives tales or facts? You tell us! Below are some interesting tidbits we have either found or heard about beer uses for your lawn.

1. Put a small amount in a dish and set outside to catch slugs and snails. They are attracted to the smell of yeast.

2. Pour it on your compost pile for added nutrients. Also, if you mix 3 cans of beer with 2 cups of dish soap and let the mixture soak into the base of your trees, it will simultaneously repel pests and offer nutrients.

3. Nourish your plants as well by mixing a can of beer with a tablespoon of corn syrup to feed your plants and grass. Usually best carried out with a flat beer, the sugars in the beverage help make your gardens grow.

4. Mix some in with a BBQ sauce and throw on the grill for a delicious chicken wing dinner.

We’re unsure about the truthfulness of these tidbits, but we are sure about what WE can do for your lawn. Give us a call and let us know how we can help!

Beer in a wheelbarrow