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Fairway Loves the Fourth

outdoor 4th of July party

The Fourth of July is often a time for outdoor celebrations.    Whether it’s grilling with family and friends, setting off fireworks, going to the lake, or lounging by the pool, it is an unspoken rule that one must enjoy fresh air on this holiday. While everyone loves to enjoy the day outside, it isn’t as pleasant when grass is dead, weed-covered, or fungus-infected. Below are some things that will help make your July 4th celebration a success.

  • Turn off sprinklers by July 2nd to ensure your lawn will be ready for foot traffic.
  • Keep all trash bins as far away from the home as possible to keep insects away from your guests
  • Keep all food covered and if needed, kept in ice.
  • Ensure all firework sparks left on the lawn are completely out and disposed of before returning indoors.
  • If you’re a customer or not one yet, remember to call Fairway to take care of your lawn by providing treatments that are sure to keep your yard healthy and green, even in the hottest month of the year!