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Home For Sale: Curb Appeal

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For Sale: Curb Appeal


Just how important is curb appeal to your home?

Apart from having a lawn that makes your neighbors envious, curb appeal – how the outside of a home looks – can dramatically impact a house when buying or selling.  The appearance of a home’s lawn often indicates the status of a home’s maintenance on the interior as well.  If a house and lawn are well-maintained (green grass, a mowed yard, properly-sized shrubbery, etc.), buyers are immediately given a positive reaction, leading them to believe the rest of the house is kept at the same standards.

Broker Barbra Swesey of Adkins, McNeil, Smith, and Associates explains, “The first look can leave the buyer with a positive impression and wanting to see more of the property or a negative impression leaving the buyers to move on to more polished-looking options. A home that looks good outside has a better chance of selling faster, but also for a higher sales price.”  Swesey indicates that if a homeowner spends money on lawn maintenance, he or she will likely regain that in the sale of the house.  Not only does having a well-kept lawn improve your curb appeal, it promotes the number of potential buyers, can speed up the selling time, and can increase your home’s final selling price. The benefits far outweigh the cost of having a beautiful lawn. We know moving can be expensive and stressful, so call us to learn more about our new homeowners special.

home with curb appeal because of the nice lawn