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How to Host Hummingbirds on Your Lawn

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Among the smallest birds, these tiny creatures can only be measured in centimeters, but America’s fascination with them only grows. And for good reason! Hummingbirds abandon all typical anatomical logic by weighing the same amount as a U.S. penny while still having the ability to hover mid-air with wing-flapping rates at a staggering 50 times per second. Because of their beauty and uniqueness, most homeowners enjoy attracting hummingbirds with sweet nectar to their backyards. However, some people are reporting seeing less numbers than usual this year and speculations have begun as to why. Theories range from severe weather to low food sources to a lower reproductive success rate. Whatever the cause, the news is disheartening. So we’ve provided ways to keep the beautiful, tiny, winged creatures coming back so you can enjoy our yard to the fullest.

Keep the feeder clean

Studies actually show that hummingbirds prefer a clean feeder over a dirty one. While this may seem obvious to humans, we previously wrongly assumed that birds had no preference. A highly recommended feeder is Dr JBs Red Hummingbird Feeder. It contains multiple feeding spots for the territorial bullies and is dishwasher safe. 

Keep the feeder stocked – but not overly so

Depending on the type of nectar you prefer to use, spoiling can possibly occur after only a few days. So use a sharp eye to how much nectar is being consumed every few days. Lessen the amount if necessary and refill more often with fresh nectar. Fairway’s own Vice President of Operations, Gordon E., swears by the simple recipe of 4 cups of sugar to 2 quarts of water. Be sure to stir thoroughly until sugar dissolves and keep refrigerated. 

Plant flowers

Hummingbirds are attracted to brightly colored, high nectar producing flowers. In fact, it’s been observed that they tend to prefer red, orange, and pink flowers. 

Provide shade for the hummingbirds

Use a warm and shady spot as a determinant of where the feeder should be located. And if possible, locate close to a place like a branch or ledge where hummingbirds have a chance to rest their tired wings and perch. Fairway Lawns loves providing information on how to best enjoy your lawn. For more tips like these, visit our Facebook page and while you’re there, let us know more of what you’d like to see. Or send us a photo of how you’re enjoying your Fairway lawn!