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July Monthly Spotlight: Mississippi

Mississippi flower

Fairway Lawns is proud of the 7 states they have the   opportunity to serve, so we doing a special feature each month on our states! Mississippi is July’s feature, so here are some tips we recommend for lawn lovers in the Magnolia state.

Due to high temperatures and sun exposure, warm season grasses thrive where cool season grasses do not. Even within Mississippi, there are turf variations. Common grasses for northern Mississippi include Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass. Centipede and St. Augustine thrive in the southern regions closer to the coast.

Common Mississippi insects include armyworms, billbugs, grubs, molecrickets, fire ants, chinch bugs, and spittlebugs, but with proper lawn management, these can be kept to a minimum.

Common Mississippi lawn diseases include dollar spot, brown patch, pythium blight, and rust. Preventing these with the correct maintenance plan is much easier and cost-effective than having to treat an active infection in the soil.

To learn more about lawn care, pest control, or turf diseases, visit or give us a call. For the Mississippi branch, call 901.752.1222.