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Lawn Games You’ll Love

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Here at Fairway Lawns, we believe that your time outside should be spent having fun with your family– not picking weeds in the yard. Whether you’re looking to have friendly or fierce competition, grab your sunscreen, throw some burgers on the grill and try out some of our favorite lawn games.


Although there’s no corn involved, this family-friendly lawn game is a classic for a reason. Requiring only a small patch of grass, the rules are simple– split into teams and toss your bean bags into the corn hole board 27 feet away. The team with the best aim and the highest score, takes home the corn hole crown!


If you’re wondering what this as-seen-on-TV game is, imagine a combination of volleyball, four square and intense competition. Throw in a netted trampoline, and you have Shark Tank’s spikeball! If you’re up for the challenge, the goal of the game is to spike a ball onto the trampoline, trying to get the players on the opposing team to miss in order to score. The first team to reach 21 is the winner. Although this game only requires a small space, you may prefer to play this in a medium-to-large sized yard to protect your landscape.

Giant Jenga

Take your favorite anxiety-inducing game from childhood up a notch (or ten) with giant jenga! Requiring minimal lawn space, this family-friendly game is simple– stack up the larger-than-life blocks, then take turns removing one at a time and placing it at the top of the tower. But be careful! The first person to cause the tower to topple, loses.


With flexible team numbers, no set up and a very small learning curve, this easier-than-it-looks game only requires a level lawn, one pallino (the target), and eight bocce balls. Similar to horse shoes, each team is given chances to toss their weighted bocce balls as close to the placed pallino as possible. In each turn, the team that gets the closest to the pallino scores a point, or several points if a team gets multiple balls closer than the other team’s nearest ball. Traditionally, a game is played to 21 points, but the score you go to is completely up to you. Learn the full set of rules here.

Ladder Ball

As the perfect middle ground between “leisurely” and “super frustrating,” ladder ball is a fun game taken from tailgates across the country. To score, each team takes turns throwing a bola (essentially golf balls tied together by a rope) at a ladder. The higher up you can secure your bola on the ladder, the more points your team gets. And as a bonus? This game only requires about 15 feet of grass to play.

If you want to continue to have the lawn your family loves to spend time in, or if you need some extra players, contact our team at Fairway Lawns. Our estimates are completely free, and we offer your lawn’s first application for only $24.95.