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Home Natural vs Turf: The Great Grass Debate

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Natural vs Turf: The Great Grass Debate


Sports teams around the world use both grass and synthetic turf. While some think it is more cost-efficient to have a synthetic turf field, this is actually false. Astroturf requires additional infill, chemical disinfectants, irrigation, sprays to reduce odor and static cling, as well as drainage and maintenance repairs.

In addition, a survey of NFL players revealed that 73% preferred to play on a soil field rather than a synthetic one, the main reason being that synthetic fields prove to retain heat at much hotter temperatures than a grass field. This heat and harder surface could promote more injuries and health problems than that of a soil field. So before you make the plunge to synthetic turf, let Fairway take care of your grass turf to keep it in great shape all year-round.

soccer field with turf grass