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How to Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

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Spring is one of the most important times for your lawn, and if you neglect spring lawn care, you may end up regretting it all year long! Putting in the work in spring will ultimately save you time and money in the later months. We at Fairway Lawns are here to help give you the most beautiful and healthy yard, so here’s what you need to do to get your lawn ready for spring.

Aerate Your Lawn

Compacted soil keeps your lawn from thriving. Many factors can cause compaction including high levels of traffic, hard rainfalls, sodium in your city water, or simply your soil type. Lawn aeration is the remedy for compaction. By aerating your lawn during a high growth period, you loosen the soil so water and nutrients are better absorbed and roots have room to grow. 

Different types of grasses should be aerated at different times. Learn more about our liquid aeration services.

Scalping Your Lawn

All Bermuda and Zoysia lawns should be scalped each spring. Scalping is the removal of dormant, straw-colored turf, and it promotes earlier green-up and helps prevent thatch and weed problems throughout the summer. March 15 through April 30 is a good time to scalp your yard. To scalp your yard, lower your mower blades to the shortest settings, mow the lawn and bag the clippings. Do not scalp cool season grasses like fescue or bluegrass

Depending on the height of your grass and the type of mower, you may need to mow more than once, gradually lowering the blade each time. If your lawn is uneven, you may want to raise the blades a little in the bumpy areas so you don’t gouge into the soil.

Weed & Feed

For a weed-free lawn, spring grass care is as much about weed prevention as it is about fostering healthy lawn growth. Weed your lawn all spring for the best results. For the healthiest and best-looking lawn, we recommend lawn treatment that includes regular weed control and fertilization. Too much fertilizer in spring can lead to disease and weed problems so it’s best to have a professional do this type of lawn care.

Water it Well

All grass needs water, but the type of turf you have will determine the amount of water it needs. The next best thing after an in-ground irrigation system is a well-placed sprinkler on a basic timer. Outdoor timers will ensure that your lawn isn’t neglected during the early-morning watering sessions it needs. All you have to do is attach the timer to your exterior water spigot, then attach a garden hose to the bottom of the timer. Simply turn the water on, and the timer will control the water flow to the sprinkler!

Lawn Care Service

Getting your lawn prepared for spring helps ensure that your yard will thrive throughout the entire year! The professional lawn care experts at Fairway Lawns can help you make the most of your lawn. Contact us today for quality lawn care services!

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