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Home Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your House

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Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your House

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Just how important is curb appeal to your home? Apart from having a lawn that makes your neighbors envious, curb appeal — how the outside of a home looks — can dramatically impact a house when buying or selling. Proper landscaping can attract more potential buyers, speed up the selling process, and even increase your home’s final selling price.

The appearance of a home’s lawn often indicates the status of a home’s maintenance on the interior as well. If a house and lawn are well-maintained (green grass, a mowed yard, properly-sized shrubbery, etc.), buyers are immediately given a positive reaction, leading them to believe the rest of the house is kept at the same standards.

We understand that putting your home up for sale can feel stressful, but the lawn care experts at Fairway Lawns are here to help! Below are some landscaping tips for when you list your house.

Prune and Shape Trees and Shrubs

Mature trees and shrubs have the potential to boost your property value and help sell your home for top dollar, but only if they are healthy, well-maintained, and planted wisely. Massive hedges and trees that dominate your lawn and overgrown greenery do nothing more than hide your home from potential buyers. In order to enhance the beauty of your property and not lose your house behind leaves, you’ll want to have your trees pruned to give them a good shape and healthy look, as well as have your hedges and shrubs trimmed to offer a crisp appearance. Fairway Lawns provides a comprehensive Tree & Shrub Care Program that focuses on fertilization and insect control for optimal plant health.

Make a Good First Impression

Potential homebuyers will be drawn to an inviting, colorful yard. Plant several bright colors or opt for a more monochromatic scheme, whatever complements the look of your home. That first impression a buyer has when walking up the path to your front door can make or break your home sale. To avoid potential buyers thinking your home is not well-maintained, ensure that there are no cracked pavers or weed growth.

Freshen Mulch

A new application of mulch around flower, plant, and tree beds instantly gives your yard a neat and polished look. Not only does the color enhance the contrast of the surrounding plants and make your yard more eye-grabbing, but properly fertilizing your lawn also ensures your grass has the nutrients it needs. Our Lawn Treatment Program provides the right balance of weed control and fertilizer for a beautiful, healthy yard.

Clean Up Water Features

A beautiful water fountain, birdbath, or pond can be attractive to potential home buyers but a water feature that doesn’t look good or function properly can be an instant turnoff. Be sure to remove any visible algae and leaves and clean filters so that the water is crystal clear.

Keep the Lawn Maintained

Weeds, piles of leaves, or overgrown grass are eye-catching for the wrong reasons and can really distract from the beauty of your home. Keep your yard as tidy as possible while your home is on the market by raking leaves, pulling weeds, and mowing the lawn. For the perfect finishing touch, edge your lawn along the driveway and plant beds.

Professional Lawn Care Service

Working with a professional lawn care company can make a big impact on your home’s sale. Ideally, you should get started improving your yard about a month before you plan on showing your house. The lawn care experts at Fairway Lawns can help get your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy and looking their best to boost your home’s curb appeal. Contact us today! 

If after you sell your home, you move to an area we serve (we have 15 locations across 9 states), contact us for a free estimate and get your first application for $24.95. Also, please note that we do NOT offer mowing service.