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Insight and industry knowledge on all things important to your lawn.

From landscaping tips to fun ideas for yard play, we cover a wide range of meaningful topics on our blog page.

Lawn 101

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For homeowners, maintaining your lawn may feel intimidating. Don’t stress — Fairway Lawns can help you become a lawn care pro! Here is your introduction to all things lawn maintenance.

Lawn Care Schedule

A lush green lawn helps your home shine in all its glory, but timing is everything with lawn care. Even if you aerate, weed, water, and mow the right way, your lawn could still struggle because your grass needs certain things at specific times of the year to thrive.

  • Spring — The blooming season for your lawn, trees, and shrubs—but also weeds. This is the time to fertilize your lawn and prevent the growth of weeds by applying weed-controlling spray. This is also a great time to have your warm-season grass aerated.
  • Summer — With the increased heat and dryness in the air, your lawn requires extra attention when it comes to watering, fertilizing, and mowing. If you didn’t have your warm-season lawn aerated in late spring, be sure to do it as soon as summer starts.
  • Fall — This is the time to prepare your lawn for the weather ahead and conduct overseeding on both warm- and cool-season grasses. Cool-season grasses should be aerated and fertilized since they grow most strongly in fall. You may also want to lime your soil—and don’t forget about raking those leaves!
  • Winter — Due to the increased dryness in some areas and the snow in others, winter lawn care is quite tricky. While warm-season grasses go dormant, cool-season grasses require regular mowing. You can get a jumpstart on preventing weeds with a pre-emergent weed control application that prevents them from popping up come spring.

To keep your lawn healthy and looking its best year-round, follow our seasonal Lawn Care Schedule.

Grass Types

The first thing you should do when taking on lawn maintenance for the first time is to learn what type of grass you have. There are many grass types and they are categorized into two groups: cool and warm. Knowing more about the type of grass you have will make problem-solving and taking care of your yard go a lot smoother!

Mowing & Scalping

Proper mowing will improve the quality of your lawn, increase the health of the turf and decrease weeds. Mowing your lawn may seem straightforward enough, but there are things you need to know to ensure you are mowing your lawn correctly, such as the best time of day to mow, the right height for your grass type, how sharp the blades should be, and more! Lawn scalping is when you cut your grass at a low level to expose the stems of your grass blades. Some grass types should have this done in the spring; however, some should not be scalped at all. Learn more about proper Mowing and Scalping.


Thatch is essentially dead or dying grass shoots, and while a little bit of thatch is good for your lawn, too much thatch can suffocate it and even encourage pests and disease. Dethatching is a major project and we don’t recommend doing it unless your lawn really needs it. [Learn More]

Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases are usually caused by fungi and certain weather conditions. Some diseases target specific grasses, so it’s important to learn the signs and symptoms, causes, and ways to help prevent the different types of common diseases that may affect your turf.

Professional Lawn Service

If you are uncertain of your yard’s needs, we are here to help. The lawn care technicians at Fairway Lawns can determine what lawn services are required to get your property looking its best. Contact us today for affordable, professional lawn maintenance services!